The Acceptable Group was formed after 15 years of being in the financial industry.

Loans Acceptable Funding PTY(LTD)
Starting with Loans Acceptable Funding in 2007, offering products such as short- and long-term personal loans. Growing from strength to strength, Loans Acceptable now even have products available for declined loan applications, by referrals, supporting outside companies with regards to ITC Clearance, Debt Mediation, Debt Review and Voluntary Surrender.

Acceptable Auto PTY(LTD)
Acceptable Auto was born through the public’s needs for vehicle finance. A variety of products ranging from Rent to Own, Sell and Drive and now also Vehicle Pawn, we can assist in almost every need our clients may have.
Sell and Drive and Vehicle Pawn are Gauteng based only.

Acceptable Debt PTY(LTD
Falling under the same brand and umbrella of The Acceptable Group, Acceptable Debt has their own specialized debt counsellors, dealing with Debt Review, etc. Acceptable Debt is individually registered with the NCR and separately owned, by an independent debt counsellor.

Acceptable Collections PTY(LTD)
Also falling under the same brand and umbrella of The Acceptable Group, Acceptable Collections are separately owned and individually registered with the approved governing bodies. Acceptable Collections have their own specialized and trained staff compliment, to lawfully trace and collect outstanding debts.

All companies are individually owned and registered with the NCR and relevant corporate controlled bodies.

All logos and slogans are trademarked are copywrite protected therefor we invite all other new companies to join The Acceptable Group for further growth and development.

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Flip van Zyl
Tel: 0878083157
Cell N0: 825454107